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The Cypress Lake Wire is an educational project that is part of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette journalism program. Designed to be a “teaching hospital” for student journalism, the Cypress Lake Wire is an online-first, multimedia training program for aspiring journalists that is a required component of the curriculum. Students focus on reporting issues that serve the public interest, such as elections, education, infrastructure and employment, in order to better inform Acadiana residents so they may better participate in civic life.

Student journalists who work for the wire service are expected to produce work that follows professional standards. We attempt to be fair to all sides and transparent with our methods and affiliations. Read our ethics policy.

This online news platform is also a true wire service, as local, regional and state media outlets are free to publish our content on their own media platforms. For more information on how to publish our material, click here.

The materials posted on the Cypress Lake Wire do not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

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