Guillory hosts final meet & greet before mayor-president election

Charles Long

With early voting week now over and election day for the public office races that needed a runoff less than a week away, Lafayette mayor-president Republican candidate Josh Guillory feels confident in his chances to fill the position.

Guillory, who had previously unsuccessfully run for Congress in 2018, received the highest percentage of votes in the Oct. 12 election with 31%, forcing the runoff with no-party candidate Carlee Alm-LaBar.

Looking forward to election day on Nov. 16, Guillory explained the positivity in his camp.

“We’re feeling great, our camp is feeling good,” Guillory said. “We’ve just got to continue what we’re doing. I’m not worried about what the other person can’t do, I’m worried about what we can do.”

On Sunday, Nov. 10, Guillory hosted a meet and greet at The Grouse Room where both supporters and undecided voters in Lafayette could attend and ask questions about both his campaign and his positions on certain topics.

Guillory described events like his meet and greet as a learning experience between him and the Lafayette community.

“It’s a chance for us to get real-world questions and they can get real-world answers,” Guillory said. “It was a day to show my appreciation.”

Guillory said he will be dependent on his supporters and camp to continue to aid his confidence and positivity as election day approaches.

“I’m so humbled and honored with the support we’ve gotten so far in this election and I know that’s going to carry us through these next six days,” Guillory said.

With the competitor pool for mayor-president of Lafayette reduced from the original five to just Alm-LaBar and Guillory, the nearly 41% of local voters who did not see their candidate make the runoff on Oct. 12 will have to choose between candidates.

Guillory said he believes that the future he envisions for Lafayette is a reason why he will ultimately come out victorious.

“I envision where development is responsible and where it’s inviting for businesses here in Lafayette,” Guillory said. “We can do this. Let’s bring back jobs to pay for all of our initiatives.”

Voting day for the elections in runoff is Saturday, Nov. 16.

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