Alm-Labar camapign hosts Get Out the Vote work night and listening party days before election

Chazmyne Jackson

The Carlee Alm-Labar campaign team were in high spirits three days before election. Hosting a listening party for the debate between Alm-Labar and her opponent Josh Guillory on KPEL, the team worked nonstop to motivate citizens to go out and vote. Their efforts included texting, calling and reaching out on social media.

Members of the Carlee Alm-Labar campaign working on social media outreach. Photo courtesy of Chazmyne Jackson.

Before Alm-Labar left to debate Guillory, she gave a few words of thanks to her team. “All this stuff adds up and its matters,” said Alm-Labar. “We’re going to win because of people like you, so thank you guys.”

Betsy Richard, a long-time supporter of Alm-Labar, said she believed Alm-Labar was a good leader and found support for her rising during their door-to-door canvassing. “People have responded well,” said Richard. “A lot of people wanted signs and were open to listening.”

Sidney Savoie joined the campaign team four months after Alm-Labar announced her run. “I really like her qualifications,” said Savoie.  “She’s done a lot of the work that a mayor would need to know how to do in order to run the city and parish.” 

According to Richard, the journey has been exciting, and the momentum hasn’t stopped building since they started. “About 50 people showed up for canvasing last weekend and we didn’t even have to ask,” said Richard. “It means so much to them that we could have a leader like Carlee.”

The campaign team sent Alm-Labar off to the debate with cheers and applause.

The election takes place Saturday, November 16.

The members of the Carlee Alm-Labar campaign team speak on their expereince.

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