Drew Brees bringing Surge Entertainment to Acadiana

Marina Prestenbach

Drew Brees is expanding his family entertainment company, Surge, to Lafayette.

Although Lafayette currently has family entertainment centers such as Kart Ranch and EPIC Family Entertainment Center, co-owner Brees said in a press release, “Nothing like this exists. Surge Entertainment will be the first full family entertainment venue of its kind.”

In addition to bowling lanes and an arcade room, the center, located at 2723 W. Pinhook Road., will “have golf simulators, karaoke rooms,” said Nat Belloni, general manager of Surge Entertainment Center in Lafayette. “We will have a trampoline park inside that has a rock wall, that has a jousting bar, a zipline and a dodgeball course in it. There will be a full restaurant and bar as well.”

While Lafayette has some family entertainment centers that include a wide range of activities and attractions, Surge will be completely indoors.

The Surge company has three variations of their business: Surge Trampoline Park, Surge Adventure Park and Surge Entertainment Center. Each variation is a representation of the Surge company with different attractions offered.

The Lafayette location will be a Surge Entertainment Center, which means it has many attractions, including a trampoline park. However, the trampoline park is not the size it would be in a Surge Trampoline Park location.

According to the company website, there are currently 10 Surge locations open nationwide, with four said to be opening soon, including Lafayette. Lafayette and Metarie are the only locations in Louisiana, with a Baton Rouge and Monroe location in the works.

Alongside Surge Entertainment, Marucci is also set to open. Marucci, a Baton Rouge based business, specializes in custom baseball and softball bat production.

“We started out from just being wood bats to now we do pretty much everything in baseball and softball,” said Marucci’s Marketing Communications Specialist Jordan Bergeron.

Lafayette is set to be the third location of Marucci, following its Baton Rouge store and its Covington indoor hitting facility.

According to the official Twitter account of Surge Lafayette, the official opening date of Lafayette’s Surge Entertainment Center location is Saturday, Nov. 23.

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