Fitness vs Food: Working out strikes necessary balance in Louisiana food culture

Anytime Fitness manager Aaron Trotter teaches gym member Carol Dupuis a new work out
Photo by Louis Prejean

Louis Prejean

After speaking to local nutritionists and dietitians about finding the balance in the unhealthy nature of Louisiana food culture, we explored the role fitness ties into all this. 

Lafayette residents Katie Bacque and Carol Dupuis said there have been positives since they incorporated fitness into their everyday routine. 

“It keeps me accountable for my eating,” Bacque said. “It makes me feel better and sleep better. I find that when I workout it suppresses my appetite. I don’t crave as much as I used to.” 

Dupuis said that working out does more than improve a person’s physique. 

“It gives me energy,” Dupuis said. “It helps your mind and helps you think clearly. The endorphins that are released when you workout put you in a better mood.”

To dive deeper into the nuances of incorporating fitness and maintaining a healthy balance in a state that ranked 50th in overall health rankings in 2018, according to America’s Health Rankings, we sat down with University of Louisiana at Lafayette kinesiology professor Charles Duncan, Ph.D., and Member Experience Manager at Anytime Fitness in Lafayette, Louisiana, Aaron Trotter. 

Exploring the role fitness plays in finding a balance within the unhealthy nature of Louisiana’s food culture with Dr. Charles Duncan and Anytime Fitness manager Aaron Trotter

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