Lafayette resident seeking noise ordinance to be passed due to loud activities that happen across from her home

Photo By: Kyasia Hunt
Dianne Chapman, a Lafayette resident, said she wants to pass a noise ordinance because of the loud noises that occurs across from her home.

Photo by Kyasia Hunt

Kyasia Hunt

A resident of Lafayette Parish said she wants a noise ordinance passed due to the loud noises that happens across from where she lives.

Dianne Chapman, who lives on 116 East Pine St., said the noises come from Ramsey’s Car Wash, which is across from her home. She said people are at the car wash all hours of the night playing loud music and disturbing the peace.

“The car wash is not a club, it is a place of business,” Chapman said. “They need to have respect when they come here because I have respect for them.”

Chapman said the disturbances have taken a toll on her and her son. She said her son has cerebral palsy and the loud noises scare him.

“My son is bed-ridden and every time he hears loud noises it scares him,” Chapman said. “When he wakes up, it takes me awhile to put him back to sleep.”

She said she reached out to police about the situation, but they do not want to do anything about it. She said police said for them to do anything, they must catch them in the act.

“They need to have a noise ordinance and enforce it,” Chapman said. “Because this doesn’t make any sense.”

Chapman said she has filed many complaints with Lafayette police department, but nothing has been done.

According to the Lafayette Police Department website, to file a complaint, you should provide a detailed statement of the events that occurred to include names of witnesses, complete addresses, phone numbers and any evidence to support your accusation. Then once the complaint is received, it will either be investigated at the Divisional level or by the Internal Affairs section.

The complaint will be investigated within 60 days unless circumstances require an extension.  When the investigation is completed, an internal review panel may review the investigation and report their findings to the Chief of Police. Lastly the Chief of Police will review the case, render a disposition and send you a letter stating his finding.

Video By: Kyasia Hunt
Interview with Dianne Chapman, a Lafayette resident who is asking for a noise ordinance to be passed due to loud activities across from her home that effect her family.

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