Lafayette Hospital Asks Locals to Make Re-Usable Face Masks

Amelia Lafleur


all pictures and video courtesy of Tokes Adoun

The Lafayette General Hospital asked locals for homemade face masks for COVID-19 tested patients Friday, March 20.

Since the Coronavirus pandemic spread to Louisiana, the state has confirmed over 1,000 cases of the virus. Lafayette has nine positive cases as of Monday, March 23.

Sterile surgical face masks have become scarce within the medical facility, and the hospital has reached out to Lafayette locals to help make masks for patients that can be sterilized and cleaned after each use.

If there’s one thing that Lafayette locals can do, it’s work together for a cause.

The United Way of Acadiana is holding a donation drive for the Lafayette General Hospital to collect N95 and surgical masks, handmade masks and disposable nonlatex gloves.

Edie Boudreaux, Lafayette native and instructor at Academy of Acadiana, has been working diligently to craft masks and do her part in helping her community. So far, she has made 40 masks, and has another 20 on the way.

“Remember, we’re all in this together,” said Boudreaux. “And together is how we’ll get through it.”

Tokes Adoun, Realtor with Keller Williams Realty Acadiana and upcoming First Year Director with the Evangeline Section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, is currently creating 44 masks, and is working on finding enough materials to make more.

“This community project will demonstrate to the hospital that we, as a community, appreciate their efforts in sustaining the health care and well-being of Acadiana residents,” said Adoun.

“Most importantly, I hope it will spur more altruistic minded individuals to contribute whatever they can, in whatever form they choose, no matter how small, toward the common good.”

Adoun’s work space for sewing masks

A Kidney for Kayla, a group that came together for Kayla Richard Rosnet, a mother with Kidney Disease, also hit the sewing machines to make masks for this cause.

Shanna Guilbeau Warren, founder and administrator of the group, said they made 25 masks, with a goal to create 50 masks by the end of this week.

“The makers can feel good knowing that they’ve provided these much-needed supplies and helped to ease some anxieties while doing a small role in helping to flatten the curve,” said Warren.

To drop off masks or other desired materials, visit the United Way of Acadiana’s self-service drop off at 215 E. Pinhook Road Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and noon.

A glimpse at Adoun sewing masks for the hospital

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