Award Winning UL Student Hosts Sports and Film Podcast

Jacob Phillips


All photos courtesy of Louis Prejean

A student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is starting to make a name for himself in the podcasting world.

Hobbies have a wide variance, and nearly everyone has one. Some people enjoy knitting, doing puzzles or cooking. Louis Prejean, a student at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette hosts his own podcasts as a hobby. 

While Prejean was the sports editor at the University’s student newspaper, The Vermillion, he began producing “The Vermillion Sports Podcast” starting in 2017. In September 2019 Prejean made the move to producer and on-air talent for 103.7 The Game, and in early 2020 he launched “The Louis Prejean Podcast.”

Prejean said he enjoys sitting in front of the mic and wanted to take hold of his opportunity as he is working at 103.7 The Game.

“I have learned a lot from working at 103.7 The Game. I see it as an opportunity to grow as an interviewer and storyteller in front of the microphone,” said Prejean.

According to Prejean, he does not make a profit from his podcast. He said he does not do the podcast for money, but because he truly enjoys it.

“It’s always fun to do a podcast, especially if you have creative control over the content because if you’re interested in what you’re talking about then it makes people interested in it as well,” Prejean said.

Prejean’s simple set up consists of a microphone, a computer and a telephone for interviews. He interviews guests and talks mostly about sports. Prejean said he schedules his own guests and has been able to get some guests of note such as, 103.7 The Games morning show host Raymond Partsch and New Orleans Pelicans beat writer Chris Conner.

While the podcast is mostly centered around sports, Prejean has another passion that he enjoys talking about as well: films.

“I’m pretty big into movies, I saw 166 films last year, and I wanted to incorporate my love for movies into the podcast,” said Prejean. 

Though Prejean has just recently started his own podcast, he already sees room to grow in both the podcast and his voice.

“You can always grow your podcast. It almost takes a year into getting really comfortable in front of a mic. I have looked into releasing two episodes a week. I think consistency is one of the more important parts to podcasting.” said Prejean. 

While Prejean does not make profit from the podcast, he is not throwing out podcasting as a future career.

“You can use a podcast as a steppingstone to where you want to go, but a podcast can be something you also want to keep going because there is a lot of room for growth when producing a podcast.

Listen to The Louis Prejean Podcast at 103.7 The Game’s website.

Prejean holding the 2020 Louisiana Association of Broadcasters Radio Student Broadcaster of the Year award at the 2020 Prestige Awards

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