Couple Holds Wedding Ceremony Despite Pandemic

Symone Graham


A couple decided to have their wedding ceremony, despite the pandemic, April 25, 2020, to celebrate their special day.

Brennan Speyrer, 25 and Magan Speyrer, 27, held a small wedding ceremony at a private residence in Watson, Louisiana. In order to avoid postponing their ceremony, the Speyrer’s ensured guests stuck to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

The gathering consisted of eight people, so they would not break the 10-person rule or cause more people to be at risk, Brennan Speyrer said.  The group got together in a home, had a few drinks and a small dinner to celebrate.

According to Speyrer, their biggest issue for accommodating the wedding was rescheduling the reception so all their loved ones could join.

“Some of our friends live out of state and with the uncertainty of how long COVID is going to last, it makes it hard to schedule the reception in advance,” Speyrer said.

If the wedding would have been as scheduled before the virus, they would have had a larger, traditional celebration with more of the couple’s friends and family, Speyrer said. According to him, their parents were understanding of what they wanted, and the minister was happy to accommodate a smaller gathering.

The wedding ceremony took about 10 minutes, since there were only a few people and the couple did not want to take up much of their time, Speyrer said. The small group celebrated for about three to four hours before the wedding was over.

The newly-weds were not upset to have their ceremony adjusted, according to Speyrer. They were more worried about not being able to get married on their original date.

“Being able to do that more than makes up having to adjust our wedding due to the Coronavirus,” Speyrer said.

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