District Court Judge Vies for Lafayette City Court Judge

Kristen Deville


Feature photo: Lafayette City Court Judge Division A candidate Judge Jules Edwards III pictured above. Photo courtesy of the candidate.

Judge Jules Edwards III shares why he believes he is the right candidate for Lafayette City Court Judge Division A in the forthcoming Nov.3 election.

Edwards said he trusts his experience serving as the 15th Judicial Court Judge Division B for the last 27 years with jurisdictions in Acadia, Lafayette and Vermilion parishes. His activeness in the legal community and 30 years of military service paved his way to be successful as city court judge.

His distinguished career is highlighted by his service as Chief Judge on the 15th Judicial Court, Louisiana Justice Hall of Fame inductee in 2013, and active participation in the Louisiana District Judges Association. Additionally, Edwards served on the Board of Governors for the Louisiana Judicial College and retired as a colonel assigned as the State Judge Advocate for the Louisiana National Guard.

Judge Jules Edwards III pictured above. Photo courtesy of the candidate.

“I have been very involved, so all of that information forms my capacity to do an effective job as a trial court judge. My plan is to go from state trial court to city trial court to produce a positive effect,” Edwards said.

Edwards credits his upbringing in a Catholic household with his desire to serve the community. He talks about being called to be a servant leader who inspires others to “live lives of integrity.”

“I think it is very important that we provide assistance to one another. I think God has commanded all of us to love our neighbor,” Edwards said.

Edwards said he is aware people come to court nervous, but believes the tone he sets can make the room as comfortable as possible. Edwards assists the courtroom with a simple orientation of what will transpire for his civil, criminal, traffic or juvenile docket cases first thing in the morning.

People, Edwards said, want to be heard and believe that what is happening in the courtroom is legitimate. Edwards lives by his motto of being “Firm, yet Fair.” He listens to the evidence, but is decisive in his ruling with no favoritism based on his interpretation of the law.

When asked why he would like to serve as a city court judge for Division A, Edwards reflects on his record of accomplishments as state district court judge.

“I have been very successful at getting people off of the road to perdition and onto the road to contribution,” Edwards said. Unfortunately, by the time they’re seen by the district court, they have accumulated a criminal or misdemeanor offense record in lower courts, according to Edwards. 

“If I can intervene with them early, when they are just beginning this criminal career, then by definition, we can reduce crime and have less victims in our city, therefore Lafayette would be a safer place,” Edwards said.

Information about Edwards can be found at his website.

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