Higgins hopes for reelection, other candidates hope to replace him

Stephen Marcantel


Feature photo: Photographs of the candidates running for the 3rd Congressional District. From left to right: Congressman Clay Higgins, Rob Anderson, Braylon Harris, Brandon LeLeux. Images courtesy of the candidates respectively.

Congressman Clay Higgins, Rob Anderson, Braylon Harris and Brandon LeLeux are running for Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District.

The winner will be one of the six U.S. representatives in the state of Louisiana. 

Louisiana’s 3rd Congressional District includes Lafayette, Acadia, Calcasieu, Cameron, Iberia, Jefferson Davis, St. Martin, St. Mary and Vermilion Parish.

Higgins delivering a victory speech for his reelection to Congress in 2018. “I work for the people of South Louisiana, and I’ll continue to do so,” said Higgins.

Clay Higgins (R-Lafayette)

Higgins, the incumbent for the race, is running for re-election after his wins in the 3rd Congressional District race in 2016 and 2018, according to Ballotpedia’s website.

Higgins was reached out to and was unable to schedule a meeting over the phone.  Questions to Higgins were relayed through Andrew David, communication director of Higgins’ campaign. It cannot be verified that Higgins was the one responding to questions.

Higgins said he believes the people of South Louisiana should re-elect him because he has pursued conservative and constitutionalist principles within Congress.

He supports securing borders, a strong military and reducing the scope of the federal government, according to his emailed statements. He also supports care for veterans, anti-abortion policies and better infrastructure. Higgins added that he believes he has fought for these ideals and policies in Congress and will continue to do so.

Higgins said he has worked with President Donald Trump to cut taxes, regulations, passing the USMCA trade deal and securing resources for hurricane recovery.

“We’ll continue working with the president and the Louisiana delegation to deliver wins for all Americans,” said the email of Higgins’ response.

Anderson donating food for relief efforts for Hurricane Laura. Image courtesy of Anderson.

Rob Anderson (D-Sulphur)

Anderson said he is endorsed by the Louisiana Democratic Party. Anderson ran for Congress for District 3 in 2018 and lost.

Anderson said fighting climate change is a major issue he is running on. He created the ‘CAJUN Act’ in order to address climate change across the U.S. through the federal government investment into renewable energies, according to Anderson. The act is also looking to improve the infrastructure of the U.S., which Anderson said he believes is outdated.

Investing in renewable energies and infrastructure could bring jobs to Louisiana, according to Anderson. He said he wants to encourage oil and gas companies in Louisiana to invest capital into renewable energies. Anderson added diversifying energy resources would stabilize the job market of the oil and gas industry.

Anderson spoke of various countries in Europe and their practices of high levels of public spending and feels that America can model itself after these countries. He added he believes public spending creates job opportunities while improving the regions and increasing the regions value.

Anderson said he believes America can offer high-speed internet access and WiFi as public utilities paid for through taxes.

“We need to stop fighting over capitalism versus socialism. Why not socialism?” said Anderson. 

On the topic of health care, Anderson supports a public option. Anderson said this would allow American the ability to opt in to Medicare if they desire. A public option can also lower drug cost, as it would force pharmaceutical companies to negotiate prices of drugs with the federal government, according to Anderson. 

A campaign photograph of Harris. Harris believes being a pastor has prepared him for handling the problems Americans face. Image courtesy of Harris.

 Braylon Harris (D-Lake Charles)

Harris is also endorsed by the Louisiana Democratic Party. Harris said he positions himself as the moderate choice for voters and believes he can facilitate compromise with the House and Senate.

Harris said he supports criminal justice reform, improving education and making the minimum wage a living wage. The House and the Senate are not willing to work together to create policies that fulfill any of the issues that Harris supports, according to Harris.

According to Harris, he supports “Medicare For All.” Expanding access to health care to all those in the country could shield Americans and the economy from a second pandemic, according to Harris. If there was Medicare for all the American taxpayers would not have had to pay for a multi-trillion dollar stimulus package, said Harris.

Harris said he decided to run because he felt those in Washington D.C. were not doing enough to help the American people. The election of Higgins solidified his desire to run, said Harris.

“I looked at Clay Higgins and said, ‘Well, he ain’t helping,’” said Harris.

A campaign photograph of LeLeux. LeLeux’s children inspired him to run and hopes to make the world a better place for them, said LeLeux. Image courtesy of LeLeux.

Brandon LeLeux (L-Lake Charles)

LeLeux is a newcomer into the world of politics. He only got heavily involved a year ago, according to LeLeux.

LeLeux said he works with the Libertarian Party of Calcasieu Parish where he started off as a secretary and now is vice chair. LeLeux added he is a member of the Mises Caucus, a national Libertarian caucus, which works to affect local legislation and support other Libertarian candidates.

According to LeLeux, he wishes to promote the Second Amendment by removing legislation that he believes is unconstitutional like the National Firearms Act.

LeLeux added he wants to promote education through school choice. This will create incentives for the educational system to improve and will lead to increased teacher salaries, according to LeLeux.

While LeLeux said he is hopeful to win, he is mostly using the election to spread his ideals and the message of the Libertarian Party.

“[I am] working to get out the message of liberty, that’s been my biggest goal this campaign,” said LeLeux.

Election Day is Nov. 3. To find out your polling location, sample ballot and registration status visit Louisiana’s Geaux Vote website.

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