Local Learning Center to Host Real-Life “Among Us” Fundraiser

Symone Graham


Feature photo: Photo obtained from Clearpoint Learning Center’s Facebook page.

The Clearport Learning Center is hosting a socially distant Among Us “Live” fundraiser event on Nov. 21, providing safe fun during the on-going pandemic.

Raquel Henry, Community Development Director, said the fundraiser’s goal is to raise $1,500 for new game equipment and Christmas presents for the children.

Flyer for Clearpoint Learning Center’s Among Us Live event. Photo obtained from center’s Facebook page.

Among Us is originally an app-based online game with crew members and an alien impostor. The object of the trending game is for crew members to determine who the impostor is while avoiding getting murdered.

“Every person will get an envelope that has a list of tasks,” Henry said. “They are going to be navigating, going through different rooms and doing different tasks trying to avoid getting killed by the impostor.”

According to Henry, the game will be played in-person and will be a replica of the game, except without having real weapons.

Henry said the learning center’s building with five classrooms and recreational area will be converted into the spaceship the game is typically set in.

There will be a limit of 17 people per game and masks are required at all times, according to Henry.

“In every room we also have air purifiers installed, in addition to making sure there is hand sanitizer,” Henry said. “The nature of the game causes you to socially distance because you’re doing solo tasks.”

Rachel Faulk, director of The Clearport Learning Center, said the game was first played by their students to have fun in a controlled, socially distanced environment, while wearing masks.

“After doing [Among Us] with our students, we thought it would be a good idea to allow other people in the community to experience it and at the same time, raise money for our program,” Faulk said.

“The Clearport Learning Center is a free after school program for high school students on any given day,” Henry said, “We’re giving free tutoring and it’s just a safe place for children to go after school.”

Faulk said the program started in 2014 with the goal of helping high school students through school and prepare them for the next stage of life.

“We work with young adults, so you have to have things that are exciting to attract their attention,” Faulk said. “Real life is difficult for everybody right now, and we thought this would be a fun way to get people involved and connected to actual people again.”

The program is located at 210 W. Pine St. on the northside of Lafayette, but students from all over Acadiana are serviced, Henry said.

Tickets are $15 per person to attend the event and can be purchased on Eventbrite.com. Henry said if potential participants sign up on The Clearport Learning Center’s Instagram, $5 will be deducted. If anyone has any questions, Instagram is the best way to get in contact.

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