Online Workshop Teaches Attendees How to Lucid Dream

Kristen Deville and Symone Graham



Feature photo: Dreaming guide, Tree Carr, hosting a live workshop retreat. Photo obtained from Carr.

The Wild Ones organization held an online lucid dreaming event led by author and dreaming guide, Tree Carr, on Nov. 21.

Carr, 48, said she wanted to offer a 2-hour workshop to get people acquainted with lucid dreaming and to show people the potential of their dreams. Lucid dreaming is a type of dream where you are fully aware and conscious, according to Carr.

Carr was recommended to guide the event presented by The Wild Ones organization because of her dream guide background. According to Jenner Linden, founder of The Wild Ones, she opened the event by asking Carr a few questions before she handed over the rest of the event to her.  

Tree Carr guiding a dream workshop retreat. Photo obtained from Carr.

According to Carr, she had her first experience of lucid dreaming when she was 3-years-old. She started exploring her profound dreams when she got older and posted excerpts from her dream journal on Facebook. Carr’s followers related to her post and she received several messages for advice about dreaming. This started her spiritual journey as a dream guide, she said.

“I found that people were messaging me and I was counseling and guiding a lot of people and it was so much so that I just decided to do workshops,” Carr said.  

Linden said The Wild Ones is an organization that started with “one dream and a belief that everyone deserves a chance to heal… To live their authentic version of the good life,” according to The Wild Ones.

Linden said she wants to provide an open-minded community and a space to become empowered while the pandemic is still an ongoing issue. She said their community has around 12,000 members. 

The virtual workshops, included with a Wild One’s membership, feature trusted experts and offer an abundance of mind-healing tools, according to The Wild Ones.

According to the event’s website on eventbrite, Carr will provide participants with a variety of tools, methods and techniques that will enable you to become conscious and aware while dreaming. The workshop will allow people to explore their consciousness, receive spiritual insights, overcome trauma, problem solve and receive creative inspiration, according to The Wild Ones.

Carr said up to 1,000 people can attend the event and anyone from around the world can have access if registered.

“I think this event will be beneficial because it will hopefully help them connect to themselves again, because dreams are an exploration of you, of your own consciousness and all it’s amazing layers,” Carr said. 

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